Supporting Partnerships

Working in partnership for partnerships

The Team

  • Core Team

    • Dr Jane Beasley

      , Director of Beasley Associates Ltd, is a professionally qualified and experienced waste and resource manager. Jane has worked with a wide range of waste partnerships, local authorities, regional bodies, and national government and has been providing consultancy support and guidance for almost 10 years. Jane has extensive knowledge of waste management legislation, policy, operations and technical issues and has worked on a wide range of strategic in relation to: strategic decision making and adoption of good practice; waste and resource management; climate change and carbon management; and, communications and stakeholder engagement. Jane has provided practical support to Defra in relation to the development of research projects, reports and documentation and has also provided training to Defra and other relevant departments in relation to strategic waste management. In terms of wider government support Jane was seconded to the Prime Ministers Strategy Unit, providing specialist advice during the Strategy Unit Review. In addition Jane has produced numerous articles and editorials and has presented written and verbal evidence to government select committees on waste management strategy and implementation.

    • Ray Georgeson

      , Director of Ray Georgeson Resources Ltd, is an independent professional operating in the resource efficiency sector. He has over thirty years experience of the waste and resources management sector variously as a volunteer, campaigner, educator, policymaker, consultant and senior executive. He was Director of Policy and Evaluation for the Government’s Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) from 2001-2008. Before that, he was Chief Executive of environmental charity Waste Watch from 1996-2000 and previously held a number of other project management posts in the third sector, including managing a social enterprise in recycling. Ray has previously acted as an adviser to Defra (on the development of Waste Strategy 2000 and various other policy developments), and the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit in the Cabinet Office (on the Waste not: want not review of waste policy). Ray has experience of working with all stakeholders in the waste and recycling sectors, commercial and political acumen and understanding of recycling operations and markets, and has played a leading role in the recent advances in resource efficiency in the UK. He is a regular chair and speaker at industry events and an industry media commentator, including a regular column for Resource magazine.

  • Associates

    The core team works with high calibre project specific experienced professionals from an ever expanding network of associates to deliver individual projects and meet specific support needs. Associates are selected on a case by case basis for each project, ensuring that highly qualified and skilled teams are available to provide the necessary capacity to deliver a wide range of waste and resource related projects and services.

    • Current associates include Resource Futures.

      Resource Futures is committed to helping others use resources efficiently and effectively; minimising the impact of consumption on the environment now and for the future. This is achieved by working with a wider range of organisations, public, private and third sector often encouraging and facilitating partnership working. The starting point for any resource efficiency improvements in waste management is a good understanding of waste data and how this can inform changes to collection systems and communications campaigns to achieve efficiencies and reduce residual waste arisings. Resource Futures are the market leaders in waste composition analysis and understanding of municipal waste trends. Work Resource Futures have undertaken in support of waste partnership working includes:

      • Review of communications strategies and plans in waste partnerships and recommendations of best practice for WRAP
      • Review and recommendations of Oxfordshire Waste Partnership’s waste reduction strategy and plan, including modelling effect of changes to collections and communications work on waste arisings.
      • Analysis of bulky waste arisings and opportunities for reuse for North Yorkshire and York Waste Partnership
      • Strategic advice and support on communications for Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority

      Resource Futures also provide on-the-ground services to a number of local authorities working in partnership: examples include:

      • Waste education services in schools on behalf of Devon County Council and Devon’s district Councils (ongoing from 2008)
      • Community Action Group project on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council and Oxfordshire Waste Partnership (ongoing from 2004)

      This has given us a unique insight into working directly with officers at district, unitary and county level to co-ordinate work across partnerships.